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Setting up dokuwiki

I've been a fan of dokuwiki for years and years, going back to my startup in 2005. It's similar to the popular Mediawiki but offers better ACL. I've set it up multiple times in multiple ways, always a little concerned about security. I've had installed plugins with security flaws and it's just hard to stay on top.

Having worked at a startup for over 2 years that's heavily invested in docker, I've gotten to know docker really well. Not having had a website for quite a while, I finally decide to dip my toe in the water again using docker to contain my site.

Bitnami seems to do a very nice job wrapping up applications with persistent data. The documentation is quite good. I had a little trouble turning on “nice links” since they require htaccess and bitnami does a nice job of creating a secure deployment. If you aren't careful you could break their secure implementation, which I did at first to figure out what was going on.

The persistence, of course, is key for easy upgrades of dokuwiki. Just tear down and bring up the new container!

Letsencrypt is always easy to deploy and I've folded that in. Recently I've leaned towards not using www supporting directs. All folded in for http and https.

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