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-====== 10 questions about your QRP operations ====== 
-[[http://​​|QRP Quarterly]] has a column asking 10 questions of QRP operators. I offered mine for the April 2019 issue. I don't think there'​s any issue with publishing it here in advance: 
-N9DK Dave 
-Q1: Favorite Mode:  
-CW, although I enjoy the digital modes such as FT8, as well; I wish I would spend more time on CW and restore my speed to what it was decades ago! 
-Q2: Current QRP Radios: ​ 
-KX3 with 2m module 
-Q3: Favorite antenna out in the field: ​ 
-I use the EFT Trail Friendly from LNR precision; I pack arborist throwing line (great strength, weight, and slippery on bark) and an 11m carbon fiber pole weighing 1.25 pounds; for balconies and vacation operation, I use a Buddipole with a homemade clamp (significant thanks to K0XI) for a base 
-Q4: What contests do you participate in?  
-I check WA7BNM contest calendar every weekend I'm free and try to make a few contacts in any mode; CWT; with K0XI leading the charge, we've mounted multiple serious 7QP adventures in remote county lines, Nevada; I join K6EI for every field but my CW isn't usually needed until the 4 AM shift! I love SOTA and tend to target anything unactivated I can reach - the California Sierras are great for this. 
-Q5: What is on your wish list?  
-Making a portable FT8 setup as documented by OH8STN; a 432 transverter (Transverter Store) for VHF contesting; making an ultralight/​small capacitance-touch paddle (based on TTP223) 
-Q6: Operating tips:  
-Just jump in and try it; it doesn'​t matter if you make a mistake or don't make any contacts; did you setup an antenna and power on a radio? I've had many failed adventures (zero HF IOTA contacts while NA-023, total failure at W6/NE-210), but had a blast trying 
-Q7: Do you use any tablets, smartphones,​ or laptops in the field? 
-My first filter is weight; my phone (see Q9 for apps) always comes with me; sometimes tablet for logging; laptop on all vacations; QRPWorks sidecar, although I haven'​t gotten smooth enough to send/​receive CW and work the buttons 
-Q8: Batteries for Power choice: ​ 
-I use the KX3 battery option with NiMH - quick to setup, pack up, and light. I've got a 7.5 Ah LiFePo for car camping and a Habor Freight jump-start battery pack with lighter sockets 
-Q9: Smart phone apps:  
-GPS Test; Heavens Above; PeakBagger; PeakFinder; SOTA Spotter; QST; Zinio (for CQ Magazine) 
-Q10: Do you pack a First Aid Kit out in the field? ​ 
-Yes, I have a small one with only the most basic ingredients;​ I'm always worried about weight, but should probably have a bigger/​better kit. 
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