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Maritime Mobile in VP2V

I just got back from a glorious trip to the British Virgin Islands (VP2V/N9DK/MM). Friends and I sailed among the islands: Norman, Cooper, Virgin Gorda, Anagata, Tortola, Mosquito.

I was able to spend one solid afternoon maritime mobile in Cooper Island's Manchioneel Bay. Thank you to all for the contacts and my first pile up on the DX side. I hope my poor handling of the pile up wasn't too annoying. Thanks to EI2IP for spotting me.

I transferred all the contacts into my digital log and uploaded to LOTW. Let me know if anyone prefers a different method for QSL.

Unfortunately I did not find the time to operate on shore. Our group was diving in addition to sailing so there was a lot of moving around and limited opportunity to go ashore.

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